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C-Tech Tubeware - Custom Tube Gallery

C-Tech produces a diverse range of high quality parallel and tapered tubing for a wide spectrum of industries. Here are some of the different applications that use C-Tech's carbon fibre tube.

C-Tech carbon fibre tube profiles
C-Tech aerofoil carbon fibre tube profile
Carbon fibre tube profiles - aerofoil, oval, rectangular, round
C-Tech carbon sections

Aerofoil carbon tubes

Carbon tube profiles

Telescoping carbon fibre tube with painted finish
Round carbon fibre tube, cloth surface finish
Telescopic carbon fibre tubes, fitted and extended
Telescopic tubes, painted

Round tubes, cloth finish

Telescopic tubes, fitted and extended

Square carbon fibre tube with fitted lid
Carbon fibre elbow tubes with fitted joiners
C-Tech carbon fibre tubes packed for shipment
Square carbon tube & lid

Carbon fibre elbow tube with joiners

C-Tech carbon tubes packed for shipment

C-Tech carbon fibre tube used as a tone-arm in a record player
Telescopic carbon fibre tube sections
C-Tech carbon fibre tube used for a fan housing
Carbon fibre tone arm for record player

Telescopic carbon tube sections

Carbon fan housing

C-Tech carbon fibre tube used as rifle silencer
Large diameter carbon fibre tube
C-Tech carbon fibre rollers for a tea-grading machine
Carbon fibre rifle silencer

Large diameter carbon fibre tube

Tea rollers

Carbon coating on a winch drum
Flat oval carbon fibre tube 90mm x 30mm
C-Tech carbon fibre tube used in a camera boom (dolly)
Carbon reinforced winch drum

Flat oval carbon tube 90mm x 30mm

Camera boom (dolly)

C-Tech carbon fibre fuel cell
D-Shaped carbon fibre tubes
C-Tech carbon fibre tube used as an archery stabiliser
Fuel cell

D-Shaped carbon tube sections

Archery stabiliser

C-Tech round carbon fibre tube shipment
Aerofoil carbon fibre tube sections
C-Tech oval carbon fibre tube profile
C-Tech round carbon tube shipment

Aerofoil carbon tube sections

Oval carbon tube section

Ordering custom carbon fibre tube

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