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Composite Tube Materials: Carbon Fibre

C-Tech standard carbon tube utilises TRH50 pre-pregnated carbon fibre, ensuring consistent and optimum resin to fibre ratios. C-Tech can modify the laminates to provide specialised loading requirements.

Standard Modulus Carbon Fibre
TRH50 Standard Modulus is our standard carbon fibre. It is a high grade carbon pre-preg with 35% resin content. TRH50 is available in 200g/m2 and 300g/m2 weights, allowing a variety of wall thickness and uni-directional : off-axis fibre ratios to be achieved. This standard modulus (SM) fibre has an value E = 255 GPa. Click here for a datasheet on TRH50 fibre.

High Modulus Carbon Fibre
HR40 High Modulus is our stiffer carbon pre-preg material, used when a high stiffness-to-weight ratio is required. The high modulus carbon fibre has an E value = 390 GPa, so is approximately 1.5 times stiffer than Standard Modulus carbon fibre.

Carbon Fibre Twill Cloth
C-Tech carbon fibre tubes use 3K pre-preg carbon cloth (200g/m2) where reinforcement is required for drilling or attaching fittings. Carbon fibre cloth can also be used for an aesthetic finish, providing a traditional carbon fibre look.

Composite Tube Materials: Glass Fibre

Glass fibre pre-preg is available if a more flexible, resilient tube is required. It is often used as barrier to prevent galvanic corrosion between Carbon Fibre and metal fittings such as Aluminium and Steel.

S-Glass Fibre
S-Glass is stiff pre-preg glass fibre available as a unidirectional material. This gives good flexibility and fatigue resistance, whilst still retaining some stiffness qualities. S-Glass has an E value = 85.5 GPa.
Please note: there is little cost difference between the S-Glass and standard modulus carbon material.

E-Glass Fibre
C-Tech offers a cost effective E-Glass cloth, available in 200g/m2. This is ideal for thin to medium wall thickness and low load applications.

Other Composite Fibres

C-Tech can source specialist fibres for custom jobs and complex laminates. This allows us to provide a complete solution for many applications. Please use the Custom Enquires form to contact us for more information. Data sheets for other fibres are available on request.

Composite Tube Surface Finishes

Standard finish
Glossy, spiral wound effect.
Cloth finish
Clossy, woven (cloth or twill-weave) effect.
Sanded standard finish
Matt finish, prepared for painting or gluing.
Sanded cloth finish
Cloth finish tube, sanded ready for painting or gluing.
Peelply finish
Textured finish designed as a gluing surface. It can be used inside tubes to create a gluing surface in areas which are hard to sand. This finish also provides good grip on tubes.
Clearcoat finish (UV resistance)
Sanded and painted with Clearcoat, giving a high-gloss UV protective coating and a high quality finish.
Other painted finishes
We can offer other painted finishes based on any colour that is commercially available for spray-painting.

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