Services We Offer
C-Tech Custom Laminates
C-Tech can offer different types of laminates for your application, such as local reinforcing for masts and booms or strengthening tubes along one axis. Please use our Custom Tube page to submit your requirements.
Materials for High Temperature Applications
Our current materials offer temperature resistance of 115C (continuous) to 125C (intermittent use). C-Tech can also offer a range of materials to suit high temperature applications (on request).
CNC Machining and Mould Manufacture
C-Tech offers a total post-production service by utilizing Absolute CNC for the manufacture of CNC machined components, including aluminum moulds for proto-type or production runs.
Laminate Design and Stress Analysis
Expert advice on laminate design and stress analysis can be provided by Gurit (NZ).
Aerofoil and Elliptical Sections
C-Tech can also offer a wide range of Aerofoil and Elliptical sections that can be used for many different applications from the marine industry for masts and booms to the leisure industry for cycling (see mandrel sizes below).